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Nutritional Supplement for All Classes of Horses

Pelleted "Calorie Pack," complete amino acid supplement, and source of essential fatty acids.

  • A blended formula of ABC's Plus and balanced sources of amino acids, fats, and essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6).
  • Formulated to help supply the demanding nutritional and calorie needs of active horses.
  • Suggested for horses that may have difficulty holding weight, or to help achieve outstanding hair coat shine.

(4 oz. Scoop is included)

Energy™ Organic - 25 Pound Bag (100 day supply) - Item no. A235
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Energy™ Organic - 25 Pound Bucket (100 day supply) - Item no. A236
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Energy Organic - 25 Lb Bag
Energy Organic - 25 Lb Bucket