Blue Green Algae Supplement for Horses


Nutritional Supplement for all Classes of Horses

ABC's formula of Blue Green Algae is fortified with additional vitamins, minerals, trace elements, herbs and enzymes. Algae is known to help with respiratory issues, such as heaves, often associated with allergies. It can also be added to the diet to maintain beautiful coats and healthy, shiny eyes; to offset Vitamin A inadequacy; to aid in detoxification; and to support the immune system.

Guranteed Analysis:
  • Crude protein (min) - 10%
  • Crude fat (min) - 1.5%
  • Crude fiber (max) - 5%
Directions for Horses: Two Scoops (10 grams) per day for a 1,000 pound horse. (5 cc / tsp scoop included)

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Blue Green Algae - 3 Pound Bag (135 day supply) - Item no. A027


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Blue Green Algae - 3 lb Bag