A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™


Nutritional Supplement for all Classes of Horses - Addressing the Negative Effects of GMOs and Glyphosate

A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™ = A.B.C.'s Plus® + G.R.P.™ Technology

Feed grains today, unless they are certified organic or GMO-free, are contaminated with GMOs and glyphosate.

Glyphosate contamination is known to tie-up minerals and to disrupt the normal activity of the beneficial intestinal bacteria, resulting in a variety of health problems in animals.

A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™ is A.B.C's Plus®
Organic with added GRP technology.  It is a nutrient pack for digestive microflora, used for holistic disease prevention. The ingredient list reflects ingredients that are cultivated by fermentation, yielding nutrient specific enzymes, substrates and stabilized bacteria. A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™ allows for increased absorption of all nutrients, even those naturally occurring nutrients contained within your water, hay and other food sources. If fed with other supplements, the absorption is maximized for optimum assimilation. A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™ aids in the development of muscle and skeletal tissues including hair coat and hooves.
A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™ is a supplement for the digestive system and is coactively supportive of immunity. The nutrients contained support the tissues of the digestion system and assist with creating a healthy digestive environment. The nutrients contained do not meet daily nutritional requirements for your horse.

Daily Top Dress Feeding Instructions per Horse: (2 oz. / 60 cc Scoop Included)
Gestating Mares:  4 ounces (114 g) / 2 scoops per day
Lactating Mares:  4 ounces (114 g) / 2 scoops per day
Weanlings:  4 ounces (114 g) / 2 scoops per day
Yearlings:  4 ounces (114 g) / 2 scoops per day
Aged Horses:  4 to 8 ounces (114g to 228g) / 2 to 4 scoops per day
Adult Horses:  4 ounces (114 g) / 2 scoops per day
Stallions:  4 ounces (114 g) / 2 scoops per day
Horses in Training:  4 ounces (114 g) / 2 scoops per day
A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™ - 12.5 Pound Bag (50 day supply) - Item no. A283
*Multi-Bag Discount on 2 or more 25 lb bags! 
A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™ - 25 Pound Bag (100 day supply) - Item no. A196
A.B.C.'s G.R.P.™ - 25 Pound Bucket (100 day supply) - Item no. A195

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