Farrier's Choice (Hoof™) - Supplement for Horses


Farrier's Choice (ABC's Hoof™ in the U.S.)

A Pelleted Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Horses 

Farrier's Choice is fortified with trace minerals, choline citrates, oxides and sulfates to assure proper assimilation and utilization of these essential trace minerals.
Farrier's Choice is formulated with Biotin for rapid hoof growth resulting in a strong, flexible, fast growing hoof.
Farrier's Choice is fortified with enzymes, yeasts and microorganisms to assure proper digestion, utilization and absorption of your feed stuffs.
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Item Number: CAN90425BAG - 25 lb Bag
Directions: Top dress 2 scoops per day (114g total) - A 57 gram scoop is enclosed. 
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