Hoof™ Organic



Pelleted Nutritional Hoof Supplement for Horses

  • Fortified with trace minerals, choline citrates, oxides and sulfates to assure proper assimilation and utilization of these essential trace minerals.
  • Formulated with Biotin for rapid hoof growth resulting in a strong, flexible, fast growing hoof.
  • Fortified with enzymes, yeasts and microorganisms to assure proper digestion, utilization and absorption of your feed stuffs.
Directions for Horses: (2 oz (60 cc) Scoop included)
Initial Application: Feed 1 level scoop twice daily with feed (4 oz/day) for 6 weeks.
Maintenance Application: Feed 1/2 scoop twice daily with feed (2 oz/day).
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Hoof™ Organic - 12.5 Pound Bag (50 day supply) - Item no. A239
Hoof™ Organic - 25 Pound Bag (100 day supply) - Item no. A240
Hoof™ Organic - 25 Pound Bucket (100 day supply) - Item no. A241


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Hoof Organic - 12.5 Lb Bag
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