TS K Mix Organic (Trace Minerals & Selenium)

TS K-Mix Organic (Trace Minerals Plus Selenium) is a Free Choice Mineral Supplement for all Classes of Ruminants and Equine. It is good for horses under stress from being shown and raced, when feed and water are constantly changing.
Trace minerals and selenium are needed when feeding older hay that has lost its vitamins due to oxidation. TS K-Mix is also needed when horses are on lush, immature grass because trace minerals are minimal.
TS K-Mix Organic - 25 Pound Bag - Item no. A154
TS K-Mix Organic - 5 Pound Bag - Item no. P009

Directions: Offer Free Choice separate from other parts of the ration.

Note: Offer a Free Choice common white salt block or common white feed mixing salt with all ABC Free Choice products.
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TS K Mix Organic - 5 Lbs Bag