(Formerly Lyme Disease Supplement)

LD-Blend is helpful as a preventative supplement and is generally fed on a long term basis in areas where Lyme Disease is rampant. As a nutritional product, the ration must be in balance, meeting daily requirements, or the nutrients in the body will not be utilized in the desired manner.


Note for Horses: To achieve best results with this product, your horse must be supplemented with 4 ounces daily of A.B.C.'s Plus® and Free Choice Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral™ (OR feed ABC's Fortified™), and have the Free Choice System available at all times.
Directions: (5cc, teaspoon scoop is included)
Horse: 2 heaping scoops per day
Large Dogs (40 pounds): 1 scoop per day
Small Dogs: 1/2 scoop per day 

For more information on ingredients and feeding directions, see the Product label below or speak with an Advanced Biological Concepts® Representative.

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**New: Packaging Change!
LD-Blend - Item no. A090 - 2 Pound Bag (130 day supply for 1 horse, 260 day supply for large dog, 520 day supply for small dog)
LD-Blend - Item no. A323 - 8 oz Bag (32 day supply for 1 horse, 65 day supply for large dog, 130 day supply for small dog)


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