Micronutrient Pack

For Nutritionally Compromised Horses

This all around 'wellness' tonic offers a full amino acid profile, accompanied by vital trace minerals, vitamins and other important key factors, like enzymes and transfer factors.  

Stabilized in a pre-biotic foundation, Micronutrient Pack offers gut support by furnishing the hind gut with friendly flora and by balancing the pH level in the intestines. Natural anti-inflammatory agents in a homeopathic compound offer pain-management and reduce stress and heat within the structural system. Other key factors found in the broad spectrum amino acid profile offer the foundation and building blocks for a healthier and sound structural system.

Micronutrient Pack is the perfect addition to a horse's daily diet and is extremely important as an 'add on' product during rehab. Micronutrient Pack is GMO-free and without any fillers or additives.

Directions for Horses:
Feed 1 oz. per day (1/2 oz. twice daily)
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Micronutrient Pack - 16 oz. Bottle - Item Number A293
Micronutrient Pack - 1 Gallon Bottle - Item Number A297


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Micronutrient Pack - 16 oz. Bottle
Micronutrient Pack - 1 Gallon Bottle