Reg's Custom Mix


All in One, High Performance Supplement: The Ultimate in Simplicity

Reg’s Custom Mix™ is a nutritional supplement designed for High Performance Horses (endurance, fox hunting, jumping, roping, dressage) whose discipline requires great fitness, stress on their bodies and a high metabolic output. Reg’s Custom Mix™ is the answer for owners who are short on time or board their horses. At the rate of two pounds per day, you are feeding the recommended amount of each of the following: ENERGY™, Jeremy’s Joint Jolt™, 3 MINS, Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral™, BVC-Mix, A-Mix, IONS™, Antioxidant, MOP, A.B.C.’s Plus®, N.O.M.S., Choline, Enzymes, Super Vitamins Plus, ABC’s Blue Green Algae and maintenance level of HOOF™.
Directions for Horses: Feed 1 to 2 pounds per day with additional whole grains to maintain weight only. Also supply free choice hay with plenty of fresh water. (Consult your ABC representative for further feeding instructions.)

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Reg's Custom Mix - 25 Pound Bag (25-50 day supply) - Item no. A122
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