Free Choice Mineral Kits for Horses


Why guess what your horse needs? The variations of condition and stress have shown that the demand for micronutrients is constantly changing. Force feeding micronutrients often overloads the liver and kidneys, which need to be at full capacity during high physical output. The serious competitive horse owner should not guess at the micronutrient requirements of their horse. We have developed kits that are designed to fit your horse's unique needs. Visit the links below to view our Free Choice Kit options available.

Note: Offer a Free Choice common white salt block or common white feed mixing salt with all ABC Free Choice products.

Should I Supplement Selenium?
Selenium is not included in our free choice kits; however, we do carry Selenium supplements which can be purchased separately and offered if needed. While many soils are Selenium deficient, some may have excessive amounts of selenium. Visit this link to find out if you are in a Selenium deficient area. You may also consult your local vet or request a blood test.


  • 15-Mineral Free Choice Starter Kit

    The Complete Free Choice Kit for Ruminants and Horses includes all of our Free Choice minerals, along with MOP, Redmond Salt, and Free Choice G.R.P. It is suggested for sick horses, brood mares, growing foals, and for nutritional diagnostic evaluation and balancing.
  • Free Choice Box Stall Kit

    A starter or mineral maintenance kit. Includes Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral, Redmond Salt, and a two-hole feeder.
  • Free Choice Stress System Kit

    Contains the six major nutrient groups most horses lack: A Mix (Vitamins A, D, and E), BVC-Mix (B Complex Vitamins, TS-K Mix (Trace Minerals/Selenium), MOP, Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral, and Redmond Salt. Includes three 2-hole feeders.
  • Two Hole Plastic Feeder

    This two-hole feeder makes it easy to feed your horse essential minerals.