MOP Organic

Dietary Supplement for Ruminants and Equine

MOP Organic
 is offered free choice, but can be top-dressed if trying to induce detoxification. It binds together and absorbs toxins. It has been used successfully with founder and laminitis cases.

MOP assists horses with liver detoxification. In many instances, liver stress is caused by the increased presence of toxins in the body. The liver is overworked to rid the body of these toxins. In this day and age, horses are introduced to an infinite number of toxic sources. De-wormers, antibiotics, poor quality grains, roughages and water are sources where some of these toxins may be introduced into the body. By force-feeding or free choicing MOP you may support the body in absorbing toxins.
Indications that your horse may need MOP are: joint pain, recurrent respiratory problems, back pain, allergic symptoms, hives, mood changes, and food allergies.
Note: 2 oz. (60 cc) Scoop is included.
Directions for Horses
Offer Free Choice separate from other parts of the ration, or follow dosage below:
Suggestive Dosage
Detoxification: Add 1 scoop to feed daily for 30 days.
Diarrhea: Add 1 to 4 scoops to feed daily until symptoms subside.
(Or follow the directions of your attending veterinarian.)
MOP can also be fed to dogs at 1 tsp per day (per 100lb) with feed.
MOP - Organic - 25 Pound Bag (400 Day Supply) - Item no. A096
MOP - Organic - 5 Pound Bag (80 Day Supply) - Item no. P015
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