Enzymes Organic


Your horse needs ENZYMES.

Enzymes process and deliver nutrients to the body.

In this day and age, feed stuffs such as soybean meal, plant protein by-products, molasses and others are processed. During processing and extended storage, ENZYMES ARE DESTROYED. Your horse's body requires enzymes to process and deliver its food.

contain concentrated digestive enzymes from live food elements.
ENZYMES also contain antioxidants. Antioxidants hold oxygen at the cellular level. Studies have shown that antioxidants aid in stopping free radical damage from occurring in your horse's body. Your horse can acquire free radicals from the chemicals found in your feed stuffs, water, and air. Enzymes aid in eliminating FREE RADICAL DAMAGE.

ENZYMES also contains a stabilized bacteria that aids, assists and balances your horse's digestive system so other beneficial bacteria may flourish.
ENZYMES can be given in addition to A.B.C.'s Plus® to support Digestion in times of stress. Also effective to treat allergies.
Suggested Feeding for Horses: Add 1 scoop (1 oz by volume) daily with feed.

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ENZYMES - Organic - 5 Pound Bag (133 day supply) - Item no. A237
ENZYMES - Organic - 25 Pound Bag (665 day supply) - Item no. A329



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Enzymes Organic - 5 Lbs Bag
Enzymes Organic - 25 Lbs Bag