Chelated Mineral Supplement for Horses

3 MINS is a specific mineral supplement formulated with chelated minerals that stimulate Calcium (Ca) mobility. The movement of most minerals across the intestinal mucosa requires CHELATION with an amino acid or fat carrier. Unfortunately, most minerals cannot be absorbed in their natural or salt state.

Improper Calcium and Phosphorus ratios in the diet can cause Calcium and Phosphorus imbalance in the blood. This imbalance can result in Calcium deposits on the bone (arthritis, ringbone, bone spavin or spurs).

3 MINS allows the body to mobilize Calcium (Ca) deposits. 3 MINS may also be used to assist in the healing of fractures.

Directions for Horses:  (1 oz. Scoop Included)
Treatment: Top dress 1/2 scoop twice daily for 7 days.
Maintenance: 1/4 scoop twice daily.

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3 MINS - 2 Pound Bag (113 day supply) - Item no. A216

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3 MINS - 2 Lb Bag