Gordy Jordahl
ABC's Water Physiologist



Gordy has over 35 years experience in the field of plant pathology and water physiology. He attended the Salk Institute and worked side by side with Dr. Peter Salk (a scientist and son of the late Jonas Salk, developer of the Polio vaccine), instituting a market for plant growth regulators on cover and row crops in the Midwestern states.  

In the Mid 1980’s, he began consulting for numerous poultry operations in the south central region of the U.S., reading and recommending solutions for health based on water analysis. Gordy formulated numerous water soluble products for all classes of livestock in the late eighties to early nineties, based on water analysis. He consulted for several fluid fertilizer companies for many years making recommendations based on water soluable soil analysis through prescription fertility for crops.  He developed numerous products compatible with organo-phosphate type pesticides to enhance a safety net for a healthy environment, crops and livestock.  

Gordy worked numerous years in the field of soil science with the late Dr. Joe Waters, a major contributor to Western Fertilizer Handbook, used at many major University Agronomy departments. From the mid 1990’s to the present day, he has worked with Helfter Feeds Inc.® and Advanced Biological Concepts®, contributing to the field of water physiology based on livestock suitability and mineral formulations to enhance health and harmony in the organic livestock industry.