Immune Support


By: Gordy Jordahl, Water Physiologist


What role does quality drinking water, air, and balanced mineral intake play in immune support? As far as research goes, immune support is one of the last frontiers in animal health.

Consider that the body is made up of trillions of cells. The cells are made up of atoms and atoms are made up of electrical impulses spinning around each other in groups called protons, neutrons and electrons. The speed at which they spin around each other establishes an electrical frequency.

The cells and all the body fluids surrounding the cells carry these frequencies, creating a perfect magnetic force of energy in and between the cells called polarity, required to retain metabolism.

When foreign invaders enter the body such as bacteria, viruses or toxins they have different electrical frequencies than cells. The different frequencies allow the immune system to identify the invaders.

Unfortunately, due to environmental stresses like poor water and air quality, the mineral balance disrupts the frequency of the cell interfering with cellular communication.

Cells regulate temperature and metabolism, which relies on mineral absorption to retain polarization. The cells communicate their need for cleaning, excretion of waste and toxins, damage repair, and need for specialized defense cells to protect against outside invaders that come from drinking water, air and nutrition.

The immune system is a miracle of creation. Quality nutrition such as water, air and minerals is required for a healthy immune system.
  • Target Factor is derived from bovine colostrum, hyperimmune egg yolk antibodies and Transfer Factor technology.
  • Target Factor contains pre-biotics and pro-biotics for a healthy gut and immune support.
  • Target Factor educates the immune system and protects from future exposure.
  • Target Factor works in all species of domestic animals & pets.