Mop - Organic


Dietary Supplement For Ruminants and Equine

MOP is a blend of bentonites: a source of silicon found in the tissues of all mammals. MOP is designed for multiple nutritional purposes, however as an absorbent, is beneficial to reduce imbalanced nutrients and for detoxification.
Benefits of its expansion like a sponge, once introduced to digesta fluid, creates a disposal system for the body. Excess mineral elements ingested from imbalanced feedstuffs and supplements are absorbed and carried away reducing elemental imbalances. This bentonite sponge will also assist with reducing liver stress. The liver is often stressed removing toxins introduces into the blood stream.
If MOP is able to bind toxins beginning in the digestive system, then the elimination organs will be able to work efficiently without creating further health concerns. In today's world, MOP is a multi-purpose product to battle an animal's exposure to aflatoxins, molds, funguses, de-wormers, antibiotics and poor-quality and imbalanced grains, roughages, and water.

Mop Organic
-  25 Pound Bag - Item no. A096
Mop Organic - 5 Pound Bag - Item no. P015
Directions for Dairy and Beef: (2 oz (60 cc) Scoop included) Offer Free Choice separate from other parts of the ration. Top Dress: 1 to 4 scoops per head per day. Drench: 2 scoops mixed with a minimum of 1 pint of water.

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MOP Organic - 5 Lbs Bag