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The Free Choice Stress System Kit contains the six major nutrient groups most horses lack:

  • A-Mix (Vitamins A, D & E) - 12.5 Pound Bag
    • A-Mix is needed when animals are fed older hay stuffs (hay or grain) that have lost their vitamin content through oxidation or artificial drying. It is also needed when grass/pasture is lush and may be high in nitrates. A-Mix is high in Vitamin D, thus confined animals with inadequate sunlight use A-Mix. It is also consumed due to inclement weather.
  • BVC-Mix (B Complex Vitamins) - 12.5 Pound Bag
    • BVC-Mix is needed by animals under stress. Animals that are over-worked, over heated, under fed (poor quality feeds) or drinking poor quality water cannot adequately manufacture B Vitamins. BVC-Mix is also used when an animal is injured or has parasites.
  • TS K-Mix (Trace Minerals/Selenium) - 5 Pound Bag
    • TS K-Mix is needed by animals that are under stress of being shown and raced, when feed and water are constantly changing. It is also needed when feeding older hay, and when horses are on lush, immature grass, because trace minerals are minimal.
  • MOP - 5 Pound Bag
  • Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral - 5 Pound Bag
  • Redmond Salt - 5 LB Bag

Also Includes:

  • 3 - 2 Hole Feeders

Note: All ABC's Free Choice Products are also sold separately and are available in larger sizes.
Use White Salt in a loose or block form along with all ABC's Free Choice Products.

Free Choice Stress System Kit - Item number: A184