12 Stones Zn Mix

12 Stones Zn Mix (Zinc) - is a Free Choice Mineral Supplement. Zinc is a cofactor in as many as 340 enzyme systems in the body, including many digestive enzymes. Zinc helps to increase gains through feed efficiency. It is necessary for bone and feather development.
Zinc is necessary for proper utilization of copper and iron. High calcium reduces zinc absorption. Phytic acid in plants binds zinc. Zinc absorption takes place in the small intestine and in the abomasum of cattle. The initial uptake into intestinal cells involves amino acid ligands and other chelating/complexing agents. Once in the intestinal cell, zinc is bound to metallothionein. Metallothionein is the main storage form in all cells of the body. Many ligands have been shown to enhance zinc absorption, among these are citrate, EDTA, certain amino acids, and certain vitamin metabolites. Other dietary components such as physate, calcium, phosphorus, copper, cadmium, certain fiber fractions and Vitamin D influence zinc absorption.
Zinc uptake is more efficient in young animals, during pregnancy, and lactation (hormonal influence or increased body requirements). Absorption efficiency seems to depend on the body's needs, so there is some degree of homeostatic control of both uptake and excretion. Zinc uptake is influenced by chemical form, solubility, particle size, rate of reactivity, and pH of the diet and at the site of absorption. 
Effects of an Excess of Zinc:
  • Interferes with utilization of copper and iron and may actually induce copper deficient anemia.
Effects of a Deficiency of Zinc:
  • Poor reproduction, reduced conception and reduced immune response in all species.
  • Poor feed efficiency and poor growth.
  • Lesions of the skin, poor hair and feather development; rough and thickened skin (parakeratosis), bald spots.
  • Legs tender, easily injured, raw, bleeding, and weak.
  • There is also a decreased ability to make antibodies and resist diseases due to depressed protein synthesis.
12 Stones Zn Mix - 25 Pound Bag, Item no. B004
Directions: Offer Free Choice separate from other parts of the ration. 

Note: Offer a Free Choice common white salt block or common white feed mixing salt with all 12 Stones Free Choice products.

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