Equine  Canada

Advanced Biological Concepts
® has been dedicated for over 50 years to providing producers with nutritional technology to achieve maximum animal health for the production of drug and hormone free meat and milk. Fifteen years ago, this technology was made available for the horse and pet industries.

You will notice items in our ingredient lists are not found in conventional products because of the cost. Our ABC's Plus, or Power Plus® in Canada, supplies nutrients, minerals and vitamins that may be lacking in your current ration. Inadequate levels of nutrients and energy will not allow the natural system of livestock to perform at maximum efficiency. Power Plus® is designed to provide the animal those nutrients necessary for maximum performance and a healthy animal. Healthy horses are more resistant to disease challenges. Diseases are a sign of systems not performing at maximum efficiency. Colic and Dysbiosis are examples of a horse’s system not operating at maximum efficiency.

Question: When equine are sick, do they perform well? Of course not.