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Amino 3 is a nutritional equine feed supplement developed to help the body balance dopamine levels. Dopamine is used by several organs of the body and can be depleted quickly. The brain utilizes dopamine levels first, followed by the cardiovascular system and then the sweating system. If the dopamine level becomes depleted, it is easy to see how a horse can develop anhidrosis (the inability to sweat normally).

Amino 3
is safe to use on pregnant and lactating mares and has not tested positive for drugs.
Directions for Horses
Thoroughbred - feed one scoop for 4 days, then one scoop twice daily.
All other breeds - feed two scoops twice daily for 4 days, then one scoop twice daily.
Feed for 3 months to determine results.
Must feed with A.B.C.'s Plus and the Free Choice Stress System.

Amino-3 - 8 Ounces (30 day supply) - Item no. A019