September 30, 2016 - How Modern Medicine Treats Disease Symptoms While Ignoring the Causes



Friday, September 30, 2016 - The greatest flaw in modern healthcare is that it aims to treat symptoms rather than the underlying causes of disease. Its inability to cure such diseases is the reason millions of Americans are now turning to alternative medicine and changing their lifestyles to ensure good health.

A new book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition, written by Patrick Quillin, illustrates how Western medicine merely scratches the surface when it comes to understanding and treating disease. Here is a hypothetical example he cites:  “Let's say that you developed a headache because your neighbor's teenager is playing drums too loudly. You take an aspirin to subdue the headache, then your stomach starts churning.  So you take some antacids to ease the stomach nausea, then your blood pressure goes up. And on it goes. We shift symptoms with medication, as if in a bizarre 'shell game,' when we really need to deal with the fundamental cause of the disease.”

A more common example is heart disease. There are over 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the average adult body. Blocked arteries near the heart are replaced (bypass surgery) to alleviate the current symptoms, but the remaining 59,999 miles are neglected.

A Harvard professor, Dr. E. Braimwald, investigated the records from thousands of bypass patients in the Veterans Administration Hospitals and found no improvement in lifespan after this expensive and risky surgery.  Why? Because the underlying cause, which could be a complex array of diet, exercise, stress, and toxins, has not been resolved.

In the early 1970’s, Dr. Dean Omish was working as a physician doing bypass surgery.   Noting the convincing data that a low fat diet, coupled with exercise and stress reduction could lower the incidence for getting heart disease, Ornish proposed a prevention program embodying those factors which has been found effective in clinical studies.

COMMENT:  Veterinary Medicine suffers from the same short-sighted malady. Domestic animals are subjected to diets, lifestyles, and forced production far removed from their evolutionary background. Fifty percent of US dairy cattle calve with either a metabolic or infectious disease. Treating those symptoms has been only moderately successful.

Many livestock owners fail to consider that the underlying cause of many diseases is a deficiency or imbalance of minerals in the ration.  Check out Advanced Biological Concepts’ programs and products to provide a foundation for animal health.

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