June 2, 2015 - Oregano Keeps Poultry Healthy Without Antibiotics

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - As concerns grow regarding antibiotic residues in food and emerging antibiotic resistant superbugs, more and more conventional farmers are beginning to ease off antibiotic use on their animals and are searching for alternatives.

Since the EU has banned the use of antibiotics to promote rapid growth of livestock, the search for alternatives is part of Europe's agricultural mindset. Building on the experience of European farmers, some poultry and swine producers in this country have turned to the use of oregano as their antimicrobial of choice. In one European test, Oregano use outperformed antibiotics - and did it without any side effects.

Scott Sechler, who raises antibiotic free poultry near Fredericksburg, Penn., has been successfully using oregano oil with a dash of cinnamon in his feed for over three years now.

Successful users caution that using oregano oil or other alternatives to antibiotics requires more attention to raising the animals in better and healthier environments.

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ABC Comment: Oregano is only one of many natural alternatives. Our products contain many beneficial herbs and beneficial bacteria to keep our livestock healthy.

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