June 19, 2015 - Everything You Wanted to Know About Pinkeye


Friday, June 19, 2015 - The link below will take you to an excellent and detailed article, published by Agrilabs of St. Joseph, MO, entitled, “When Controlling Pinkeye, Prevention is the Name of the Game.” The article discusses the causes and treatment of the disease, as well as strategies for prevention.Pinkeye graphic from Agri Labs

Here is a quote from the article:
“Trace mineral supplementation can help promote healthy immune systems and potentially make herds less susceptible to pinkeye infections. Trace minerals such as copper and zinc are particularly important, though the mineral needs of each herd will vary, depending on the mineral content of the soil and forage in each geographic area.”

I was pleased to see, in print, reference to the fact that trace minerals are one of the keys to a strong immune system and resistance to disease. This also supports my personal observations over many years that providing free choice kelp will help eliminate pinkeye.

When so many companies advocate the “one-bag-fits-all” approach to mineral feeding, I was impressed by the statement that mineral needs vary from one area to another.

Both of these statements support the foundation concept upon which Advanced Biological Concepts’ cafeteria-style mineral program is based – provide a variety of free-choice minerals and allow the animals to exercise their intrinsic nutritional wisdom to balance their mineral needs.

For more information on these products and programs, check out www.abcplus.biz.

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