October 20, 2015 - Harassment of Raw Milk Advocate Sparks Civil Disobedience



Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - A strange contrast: while the prominent Dr. Mercola’s holistic health website extols the healthyMilk virtues of raw milk via an excellent article by veterinarian Dr. Will Winter, 6 Canadian government agencies raided a raw milk farm.

Michael Schmidt is a Canadian dairy farmer who has been a huge proponent for raw milk for over 30 years and has been instrumental in changing policy on raw milk. Michael currently operates a shareholder agreement with people who are part owners on the farm. This farm is not Michael's farm, but he does milk the cows and helps make deliveries to help the farmers.

On September 30, Michael's wife, Elisa, was making deliveries when bureaucrats tried to raid the truck without a warrant. Elisa stood her ground and demanded that they present a warrant before she would allow the truck to be inspected.

On Friday, October 2, the bureaucrats and police raided the Glen Colton Farm. Even though their warrant allowed them to take product samples they were thwarted in their attempt to go beyond the confines of the warrant and confiscate product. The 20 bureaucrat and five police raiding the farm were outnumbered by about 50 shareholders and their supporters.

The agencies involved in the raid are: Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Police departments, Regulatory Compliance Unit of Ontario, Ministry of Finance and the Dairy Inspection branch working for the dairy farmers of Ontario.

Kudos to you Canadians. You Go, Guys!!

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