Customer Feedback for Pro Bi


“Hi everybody,

Just wanted to thank you for this amazing product. My sister in law turned me on to your PRO BI for helping with the microflora in my dog’s gut! So in other words, my 6 ½ year old male pit bull was diagnosed with allergies to grass and pollen last year, and we spent well over $1800 on allergy shots and antibiotics, first one and then the other about every 6 weeks (which never worked for him at all). He seemed to just keep getting sicker and sicker, but the vet didn’t seem to have any answers... Hmmm it’s a practice of medicine! One size does not fit all!!!  What works for 1 pet does not work in every case! I was so scared with spring right around the corner and worried about my baby this year. What would we do to help his situation and allergies this season???

I was at a loss and then spoke to my sister in law Vicky, and she ordered me a bottle and said to try this product...PRO BI. I started giving it to my dog 1x a week, about 1 ml, just to get his system used to it and then started to give him 1 ml everyday starting in May 2019. I am 100% so happy so far this season. No Allergy Shots .... No Antibiotics. I’m yelling that from the roof tops...No Allergy Shots & No Antibiotics for my baby! He is healthy and happy, and his body is fighting his allergies on his own from inside his GUT, due to your amazing product.

I wish everyone who has a pit-bull knew about this product! They are the most sensitive breed I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. If I have anything to say about it, more and more people will know how amazing your product is. I tell everyone and mention it to everyone who posts on Facebook as well. Anything I can do to help another person help their babies not have to go through what my sweet boy went through last year, and he will never have to be that sick again.

Please spread the word, if you read this pass along the lesson I’ve learned...Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.

- Brandy

P.S....PRO BI will be a staple in Baloo’s diet for the rest of his life - all year long... Not just in allergy season.”

“I love the product - by adding Pro Bi along with a few other management practice changes, I have seen a drastic improvement in my animal. He has gained almost 75 lbs in under a month! I was at my wits end, and by adding Pro Bi & pasture board to my regimen of Succeed & Omeprazole, I have never seen my horse this healthy. I can't wait to wean him off his ulcer medication and see how he does.Thanks again for the product & the quick response to my questions. I really appreciate your excellent customer service.”
   - Julia C.

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product – I am an endurance rider and use Pro Bi at the rides. This weekend, I had a horse develop impaction colic following a change of weather. I remembered a speaker telling me at Julie Jackson’s clinic last year that if I gave my horse Pro Bi, I would have a horse to treat when the vet arrived.

The vet would not make an emergency farm call late at night on a Sunday and told me to come to the clinic Monday morning. I was desperate – I gave my horse banamine and Pro Bi and said a few prayers. I am so happy to tell you that after two days in the hospital, my horse made it home without surgery. I credit Pro Bi for keeping the gut intact.

Thank you for a wonderful product. It is my favorite completion award at endurance rides. I received somPro Bi at Tony Troyer’s ride and could not have been happier! Everyone should have several bottles on hand. I have always used it as a preventative, but it really saved my horse’s life when he needed it most.”
   - Vicki W.

“I needed to transport my horse from Virginia to Nevada. Dr. Joyce Harman suggested giving her Pro Bi before, during and after her transport. She got it before and after, not sure how many times during. She did so well. The transporter said if more horses were like her, their job would be really easy. She arrived with wobbley legs from 5 days on board (including being near tornadoes in OK), but she walked off, ran off a little energy in the round pen, and rested in a non-moving pen. She remains her normal, calm self despite the changes. She likes the taste of the Pro Bi. She searches me over to find the Pro Bi and smacks her lips a lot while she swallows it. I won’t say she likes it better than apples, but it’s close!”
   - Donna
“Our dog had been bitten or stunk by something - we tried everything! I called Jim for advice – He recommended putting Pro Bi on it – I started right away – the first day I took a towel and padded the Pro Bi on the sores three or four times. Within 24 hours, it started looking better! We were shocked! I purchased a small spray bottle and continued 2 or 3 times a day just spraying the Pro Bi on the wound – It was amazing how well it worked!”

"This is a short story about Ole Roy, a 20-year-old Palomino Quarter horse who nearly died of colic in July of 2012:

On a Friday evening in July 2012, a powerful storm blew 5 bales of alfalfa hay from a loft, into the pen of Roy (20-year-old Quarter horse) and a mule. Roy's gut was stuffed full of hay when the owners (Jean & Don Brown) found him the next day. Only three bales of hay were recovered from the pen. Saturday afternoon, Roy was in trouble when he started rolling & thrashing on the ground. The vet came out Saturday to treat him for impacted colic. Roy's pulse rate was 120 beats per minute. Jean & Don were up for two nights walking Roy, keeping him on his feet. Monday morning the horse was not improving, and the vet was scheduled to come to put Roy down at noon. When I heard about Roy's condition that morning, I went to see Roy and offered a large dose, 25ML, of Pro-Bi to the horse. Roy’s owners were a bit hesitant to allow me to give Roy the Pro-Bi without an OK from the vet, but I convinced them to try the product. When I left Roy, my last thought was, ‘He is not going to make it.’ Jean, the owner of Roy, continued to walk him until the vet arrived. Roy had not had passed any manure in 48 hours. When the vet saw Roy on Monday, he said that Roy wasn't ready to be put down yet, even now that his pulse rate was still at 80 beats per minute, with Banamine. The vet said, “Let’s give him another eight hours and keep walking him.” Monday evening, Roy started to pass manure. On Tuesday morning, Roy was still standing and eating a little grass hay – I couldn't believe it, neither could the vet. The owners of Roy and I are convinced that it was the large dose of Pro-Bi, and a ton of prayers from Don & Jean, as they spent two nights walking Roy, that saved Roy's life. Roy still lives today with his buddy the mule, in Garden Valley, Idaho.

The owners of Roy, Jean & Don Brown, gave me permission to write this story about Roy. Jean & Don are in their 70’s and no longer ride Roy or the mule in the wilderness of Idaho."

- Written by Shelly Kayser, Garden Valley, ID