June 7, 2013 - Clinical Breakthrough Technology to Restore Health




Gabriele Sutton and myself have been working together for the past two and a half years on stem cell development. Gabriele has joined as a founding partner in the development of a new inspiring company called StemPhase Biomedical Ltd (www.stemphase.com). Advanced Biological Concepts® is supporting Gabriele by developing nutritional supplementation to support stem cell generation, as well as the implementation of nanotechnology that facilitates the delivery of nutritional profiles that support stem cell molecular activity. These products are being manufactured with the use of Energetic Vibration Introduction of potentiated stem cell fluid into the Miscibility Gap.

Advanced Biological Concepts®



Have you been struggling to get your horse sound?

Tried just about everything you and your Vet can think of?

Finding your horse going great for a few weeks and then 'off' again?


Have a look at the StemPhase program. I have seen so many horses completely restored back to health and soundness, when nothing else has worked!


Call us today, we are here to help.


The StemPhase program has been clinically proven to be successfully used in many structural problems involving bone and soft tissue injuries and/or diseases including:

  • All forms of Arthritis
  • Joint Deterioration and Skeletal Disorders
  • All forms of Soft Connective Tissue injuries
  • Lumbar Spine Problems and Ligament injuries
  • Tendon, Suspensory and Ligament injuries
  • Navicular, Ring and Side Bone disease
  • Post Operative


Contact Information:

Gabriele Sutton

StemPhase Biomedical Ltd.

Tel: office - 519-463-9640 cell - 519-532-9440