Jan. 2, 2013 - Colostrum, A Valuable Commodity



Colostrum is a miraculous, life-giving substance full of growth factors and nutrients designed to spur growth and health of the new-born. Many valuable substances may be extracted from colostrum for use in human infant food or human medicine.

The market is pretty limited, but frozen colostum is reputed to sell for $1.20 per pound – that’s $120 per CWT.

The specifications are exacting. Only colostrums from milk cows that have previously calved is allowed – no colostrums from springers. Finally, only milk from the first day following calving is permitted.


The Milkweed, December 2012 Issue, page 18

Colostrum also has many uses in animal health. Many of our ABC products contain colostrums as one of the ingredients. Check it out!